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Existing management systems are often isolated solutions that focus on quality, environment or occupational health and safety. The coexistence of several systems prevents holistic interaction, wastes operational resources and overburdens small and medium-sized companies.

In order to meet the quality requirements, the QM managers of companies with distributed locations need an exact overview of the current quality status at any time. This is the basis for structured quality planning and action management.

Merge efficiently and harmonize comprehensively

PeakAvenue provides a comprehensive solution for an integrated management system (IMS) with which you can not only document, organize and monitor different management systems, but also efficiently merge and harmonize them.

The XERI software enables you to reduce the effort, lower costs and sustainably increase the quality of your management systems.

  • Organize and harmonize your management systems efficiently and sustainably.
  • Create acceptance among your employees for the normative and organizational requirements and specifications.
  • Simplify the handling of various standards such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 in your organization.
  • Reduce the administrative effort for the management systems by establishing holistic structures and standards for documentation and procedures.
  • Support the continuous improvement of your management systems through automatisms, transparency and feedback possibilities.


Document Management Software

Get familiar with XERI, the secure and efficient document management solution for your organization. As a powerful and modern DMS solution, XERI is perfectly aligned with the processes of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical technology, chemistry, cosmetics and food industry as well as other highly regulated industries.

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Systematic document control

Does your company have to meet high standards? The document management system XERI provides an efficient solution based on highest security, from the electronic signature to the system-wide audit trail. Compliance with normative requirements as well as legal regulations is ensured holistically and documented in a comprehensible manner at all times. With XERI you have the right answers to the auditor's questions about your documentation.

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