The requirements of ISO 9001:2015

Xeri Document Management interface

The documentation of your QM system should be able to perform various tasks. This includes, for example, proving that the QM system has fulfilled contractual requirements. In addition, processes should be presented in a transparent and comprehensible way, and the documentation should make a major contribution to constantly improving processes.

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Why use XERI to manage your documents?

Simple and intuitive

Creating, releasing, providing, and searching for organizational documents of all kinds is all very easy with XERI. Live searches, tagging, and savable search filters make it easier for your employees to access the right document. By creating graphic landing pages, companies are able to customize the XERI document management software to meet their individual needs.

Familiar and helpful

Regardless of how you get to a document, the path to it is intuitive, and only minimal training is necessary. Comments for documents provide you with valuable status information – exactly as intended by the continuous improvement process. The integration of familiar Microsoft Office applications makes working with documents easier. Everything is designed for simple and intuitive use.

Perfect support for the document lifecycle

All critical activities performed in the life of a document are monitored by XERI. Use this advantage to your benefit for document management so you can concentrate on the content of the documents. Working with requirements, rules and, suggestions creates standards in your organization. You can lean back and relax because XERI makes sure the latest version of the right document fulfills the formal requirements and is made available to the right user of the document. The following applies in this case: only valid and up-to-date documents are available!

Complying with standards legal requirements

Your company has to fulfill the high requirements of standards? The XERI document management system offers an efficient solution that is based on the highest security requirements, ranging from electronic signatures to system-wide audit trails. The fulfillment of the requirements in standards and compliance with legal regulations is ensured throughout and is clearly documented at all times. With XERI, you have the right answers to the questions asked by the auditor regarding your documentation.

Flexible integration capabilities

Everything comes from one source since the XERI document control system makes it easy to implement interfaces using an extensively documented application programming interface (API). It is possible to quickly store documents from a file system as well as import and export documents.

Nothing is forgotten and you always have an overview

XERI is your personal assistant. It informs and reminds you, and – if necessary – escalates. It provides transparency in terms of unfinished tasks and the status of documents. Applicable documents are linked and monitored. Inconsistencies in the document landscape are detected. XERI takes the burden of formal and administrative tasks off your hands.

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Systematic document control

Does your company have to meet high standards? The document management system XERI provides an efficient solution based on highest security, from the electronic signature to the system-wide audit trail. Compliance with normative requirements as well as legal regulations is ensured holistically and documented in a comprehensible manner at all times. With XERI you have the right answers to the auditor's questions about your documentation.

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Areas of application of XERI

Management systems

Business systems, manual management for quality management (QM), environmental management (EM), and occupational safety and health (OSH)

Standard documentation

Instructions, SOP management, flow charts, organigrams, process descriptions

Product documentation

Functional specifications, text and validation documentation, instructions for use

Sales documentation

Presentations, argumentation aids, price lists, marketing documents

Forms management

Management and automation of business and administration processes


Business agreements, work contracts, and supplier, framework and leasing agreements

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