PDE - SPC/Inspection Data Acquisition

Goal driven inspection

Less is more

Inspection data acquisition (PDE) provides the basis for production accompanying inspections, process controls, and intermediate inspection. The inspection can be triggered by the ongoing production process or the inspection order. With the optional feedback to FMEA, you optimize the inspection continuously: All results obtained are not only used for the current determination of the quality situation – they also consistently expand the knowledge resource of your  company and thus create the decision-making basis for necessary inspections.

Inspection Management

The inspection order allows you to display all inspections that are carried out with a part-production combination. Here you can find additional information such as order or batch numbers and create a reference to the corresponding inspection plan. Transfer your inspection orders automatically via an integrated transaction data interface.

Plan, scope, and schedule in a targeted manner

In inspection planning, you specify the intervals and to what extent the inspection (quantity and inspection characteristics) is due. You also define the specific inspection sequence yourself, e.g. whether additional set-up, first part and last part inspections have to be carried out. You can determine whether the inspection sequence is based on the specimen or characteristic. Define which characteristics are to be checked at which inspection location (central/decentralized). Distribute the scope of the inspection in a targeted manner and thus create the conditions for individual, efficient inspections.

Simple inspections with visual support

With the inspector authentication, you document which inspector carries out the respective inspection. The due date and scope of the inspection are already defined and clearly structured by inspection planning. The inspector will be supported by graphical inspection notes (images, drawings, videos, PDF documents, etc.). The characteristics to be inspected are displayed by the integration of drawings. Make the drawing available interactively on a second
screen. Record measured values automatically using electronic measuring equipment or machines. Depending on the responsibility, an inspector can plan inspections independently and intervene in the event of deviations. In the deviation analysis, the inspector selects the failure and cause links from the FMEA and receives predefined reaction plan action. In addition, an internal complaint can be triggered at any time. Once the measurement data has been recorded, it is available for all types of evaluations.


  • Central inspection planning with PP/CP
  • Production, intermediate inspections and inspections using a p-chart
  • Connection of electronic measuring equipment; integration of measurement data from complex measurement and inspection systems, multi-point measurement technology
  • Separately definable sample intervals and sizes for each characteristic to be inspected
  • Overview of current trends during the inspection
  • Storage of formulas for calculated characteristics
  • Triggering of complaints and concessions when deviations occur
  • Comparison of event and actions with FMEA
  • Characteristics to be inspected are visualized using CAD data integration
  • Serial, parallel, and freely definable measured value input, tabular input
  • Cavity-related management of the control chart types for attributive and variable characteristics
  • Traceability of batches, orders, and customer-specific parameters
  • Automation of the inspection process via an interface to ERP systems
  • Differentiation between machine and tool production

Quality Center

Discover more QC modules.

Even as a stand-alone solution, each module of the PeakAvenue Quality Center is a specialist in its field. In combination with other modules, the software offers you the best possible functionality and maps the quality control loop.


Central inspection planning for inspection during production and deviation analysis with errors and causes from the FMEA.

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Inspection Plan/Control Plan

Central inspection planning for incoming/outgoing goods inspection, interim inspection and SPC.

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Inspection Equipment Management

Proof of the use of calibrated inspection equipment for the specific measurement task.

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Complaints Management

Initiating complaints and applying for special approvals in the event of deviations.

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