IP/CP - Inspection Plan and Control Plan

Check only where it is necessary

Well-organized inspections

To guarantee product quality, various inspections can be carried out across the entire value chain, if required, i.e. from incoming goods, to various production stages, and to outgoing goods. The Inspection Planning (IP/CP) facilitates to create inspection and control plans for the areas of incoming/outgoing goods inspection, for intermediate inspections, and SPC.

Greater efficiency thanks to drawing integration

Drawing integration in IP/CP considerably accelerates the process of creating inspection plans. All required inspection plan positions are taken directly from CAD data to the inspection plan. The transfer of characteristics from scanned drawings is carried out with the support of optical character recognition, OCR.


Simplify your inspection plan creation! Create various building blocks for your inspection plan based on product families and similar processes. Once created, these building blocks can be reused quickly and easily due to the inheritance technology in part-specific inspection plans, and adapted individually at any time.

Reduce inspection costs

Thanks to the close connection between the Quality Center modules IP/CP and the FMEA, each individual inspection will be fully justified – unnecessary inspections are systematically identified and eliminated. The inspection effort is based on real requirements, resulting in significant reduction of costs and time. You can now justify remaining inspections internally or to customers at any time

Complete documentation

With IP/CP you can generate a detailed inspection plan history for each product at the touch of a button. You can access all versioned and complete inspection plans at any time – for example during audits or customer visits.

Implementation of the new requirements

AIAG Control Plan Manual

The new AIAG Control Plan Manual, published in March 2024, requires additional data and information for the Control Plan. PeakAvenue integrates these requirements into the Quality Center (version 11).

The following changes are planned for Quality Center:

  • New phase "Safe Launch" in the header data (FMEA/IP/CP) and the phase selection in the prevention, detection and reaction plan measures and renaming of the existing phase "Pre Production" to "Pre Launch" and "Series" to "Production" in the application.
  • New selection field "Execution responsible" at the (reaction plan) measure.
  • Extension of the control plan with a table containing information from the test equipment management regarding the inspection cycles of the test equipment involved.
  • Extension of the user-defined attributes and their visualisation in the control plan report for mapping the "Pass Through Characteristics" and other identification information.
  • Support for interlinked control plans to fulfil the requirements under "1.6 Interdependent Processes and/or Control Plans". In future, the new field can be used to describe the content-related separation of the manufacturing process of an entire product into several FMEA/IP/CP documents/control plans in a structured manner. The information is then used in the control plan and flow chart printouts to display the other control plans linked to the control plan.
  • A new standard report "CONTROL PLAN SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS" is created.

With the next version, users will be able to update their Control Plan.


  • Central inspection planning for the areas of incoming/outgoing goods inspection, intermediate inspections, and SPC
  • CAD data integration – automatic creation of inspection plans by clicking directly on the characteristics in the drawing, and automatic adjustment of the inspection plans when drawing changes occur
  • Support of article, process, cavity, tool and machine related inspections
  • Process and product family inspection plans
  • Simple document maintenance using inheritance and building block technology
  • Determination of the required inspection size, e.g. according to AQL
  • Individual inspection intervals with reference to time, quantity, and batch
  • Supplementation of inspection plans with videos, images, inspection specifications, drawings
  • Calculated characteristics
  • Multiple use of characteristics
  • Inspection note for each characteristic
  • When creating an inspection plan from FMEA, any number of FMEA product characteristics functions with the same cause can be assigned to an inspection characteristic
  • Reduction of inspection effort through the definition of proxy characteristics
  • Inspection equipment allocated directly from Inspection Equipment Management (PMV)
  • Link to existing inspection equipment capability studies, e.g. solara.MP from Q-DAS
  • Justified testing based on FMEA
  • Synchronization of FMEA, Inspection Plan and Control Plan (integrated production plan)
  • Automatic generation of flow charts and inspection information boards
  • Release and versioning of documents with history

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