WE/WA - Incoming/Outgoing goods inspection

Minimize inspection effort: Keeping an eye on suppliers and your own production

Incoming goods inspection

If preliminary products already contain quality defects, these run through the entire subsequent production process and affect the overall quality of a product – even if you adhere to all quality assurance steps in your company. If quality-relevant characteristics are already checked upon delivery and they do not meet the requirements, this immediately triggers a supplier complaint and the risk of defective goods is considerably reduced.

Outgoing goods inspection

Make sure that only high quality goods leave the warehouse. Different methods and techniques for outgoing goods inspection – can also be used for the final inspection – guarantee compliance with quality requirements of your customers.

Minimal inspection effort

Trust is good, inspection is better? No! You should therefore only check in those cases where you expect mistakes to occur. Sampling and dynamic modification procedures are defined in the inspection plan to optimize the inspection effort. These can also be automatically triggered via an interface to an ERP or PPS system. Control charts are kept for all collected data, which is available for graphical or tabular analyses in Control Center.

Individual supplier assessment

Already thinking today about tomorrow: classify reliable partners! Thanks to the intelligent link up to Supplier Evaluation, you can appoint those partners who constantly meet your requirements. This knowledge makes it easier for you to choose the right supplier and assures the quality of your products right from the beginning.


  • Central inspection planning with PP/CP
  • Versioned, inheriting inspection plan
  • Random sample planning according to standards or freely definable; process and characteristic-oriented, based on quantities, suppliers, customers and production facilities as well as factory and inspection location
  • Dynamic sampling of inspection severity (skip lot) against customer complaints
  • Automatic generation of inspection orders via interfaces to ERP and PPS systems
  • Inspection note graphic information, e.g. images or videos
  • Visualization of characteristics to be inspected through CAD data integration
  • Visual and audible display of deviations
  • Filing of inspection equipment and link to electronic measuring equipment
  • Cavity based measured value acquisition
  • Graphical and statistical analyses, e.g. single value, mean value, variance
  • Histogram, probability networks
  • Information on the current status of inspections, supplier status, concessions, complaints
  • Activation of complaints via Complaints Management
  • Links to Supplier Evaluation (LIB)

Quality Center

Discover more QC modules.

Even as a stand-alone solution, each module of the PeakAvenue Quality Center is a specialist in its field. In combination with other modules, the software offers you the best possible functionality and maps the quality control loop.

Inspection Plan /Control Plan

Central inspection planning for incoming/outgoing goods inspection, interim inspection and SPC.

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Complaints Management

Initiating complaints and applying for special approvals in the event of deviations.

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Supplier Evaluation

The results of the incoming goods inspection (quality, adherence to deadlines and quantities) are included in the supplier evaluation.

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