Error prevention made easy: Cost reductions through faster failure analysis

Quality knowledge

Only a current and well-maintained Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is really efficient. Every entry into this central knowledge resource expands quality knowhow. With the FMEA you can conveniantly create and update all system-, process- and design-FMEAs according to the standards. You can carry out your risk analysis according to the AIAG & VDA method in seven steps (planning and preparation, structural analysis, functional analysis, error analysis, risk analysis, optimization, documentation of results). The integration of FMEA into the QMS software results in significant synergies between FMEA, inspection planning, and action and complaint management. Avoid repetitive errors in the future and let your know-how flow into the development of new parts. Consistently close the quality control loop with FMEA.

Simple use of similarities

Inheritance technology and the reuse of integrated building blocks make use of similarities between products or components within the modular family of parts. Share your error knowledge across all locations: With FMEA, changes entered in one place are automatically transferred to all relevant parts – safely and easily.

Automatic characteristics generation

The Requirements Management automatically imports the specifications from all common CAD formats and PDF files into the Quality Center. This way, centrally defined requirements are available to all modules, e.g. when creating an FMEA, and can be adopted as a characteristic and supplemented by you if necessary.

Causes and effects

The FMEA is the most important instrument in preventing production failures – the Quality Center refers back to the FMEA in the event of internal or external complaints and makes the creation and maintenance of additional failure catalogs superfluous. When recording new failures in production and complaints, the person responsible for the FMEA is automatically informed and the FMEA can be updated.

Cross-linked error knowledge

Evaluate in the error network which error consequences result from an error and whether there is a significant influence. This knowledge is extremely valuable, as you can automatically classify all defects in the defect network based on the "top defects" detected. On top of that, this ensures greater transparency: the Quality Center uses the defect classifications to show whether the classification of functions and features is consistent and uncovers any inconsistencies.

All actions at a glance

Track and check all defined actions and their effectiveness with the integrated action management of FMEA. The consequential results are automatically fed back to the FMEA so that you can reliably compare prognosis and reality.

Integrated risk analysis

You will receive effective support in weighing the risks: Evaluate the chain of failures with the action priority via stored risk catalogs according to the AIAG & VDA manual. Individual risk catalogs can also be added with plantspecific explanatory texts. Within FMEA you can filter and visualize failure chains incl. all actions according to action priority.

Individual design of printouts

The integrated report designer can be used to redesign supplied standard reports according to your requirements. Apart from making adjustments according to your corporate design, you can also add/remove table columns or fields.


  • Creation and administration of design and process FMEA as well as their combination in a hybrid FMEA; compliant with VDA / AIAG standards or freely definable risk catalogs with action priority
  • Full integration of FMEA into QMS software or as a stand-alone solution
  • Complete CAD data integration
  • Flexibly configurable interface to map individual moderation types and phases
  • Creation, maintenance and processing in the form and/ or network and tree representations
  • Clear navigation in structure tree, the system element network and the hyperbolic network
  • Simplified data entry using autocomplete
  • Fast creation and processing of an FMEA for similar parts and processes using iqs inheritance technology and integration of any number of modules
  • Graphic error and function network
  • FMEA is always up-to-date: Findings and errors from production or from complaints are automatically available in FMEA
  • Identification of repeat errors
  • Similarities and differences between individual products in a family are immediately apparent
  • Comprehensive evaluations, for example Pareto analysis, failure analysis incl. highlighting of critical paths
  • Process-oriented failure evaluation across part families
  • The criticality of critical characteristics can be stored in a comparable manner
  • Consideration of link elements for products, e.g. welded seams
  • Release method with comments and warnings regarding consistency rules
  • Versioning takes place according to document chronology; automatic version comparison and display of differences
  • Multilingual data entry including translation aid
  • Integrated action management with detection, prevention and general actions. All actions can be viewed in the web application at any time
  • Automatic update of FMEA when actions are completed
  • Synchronization of FMEA, inspection plan and control plan at any point in time when editing
  • FMEA cover sheet report with stored risk catalogs (including action priority) for traceability of FMEA assessment

Quality Center

Discover more QC modules.

Even as a stand-alone solution, each module of the PeakAvenue Quality Center is a specialist in its field. In combination with other modules, the software offers you the best possible functionality and maps the quality control loop.

Inspection Plan/Control Plan

Consistent production documents through synchronization of FMEA, inspection and control plan.

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Complaints Management

Findings and errors from complaints are automatically made available to the FMEA.

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SPC/Inspection Data Acquisition

The inspections can be continuously optimized through the feedback of the inspection data acquisition with the FMEA.

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Action Management

Central management of actions with status, deadlines and responsible parties.

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