HBW - Feasibility Study

Risk minimization right from the start: efficient, advanced, quality planning

Secure basis for your partsand risk management

With careful advance quality planning, you create the best conditions for stable and minimized process failure costs in your company! The feasibility assessment tool, which is supported by the HBW software module lets you keep an eye on the feasibility of requirements for your product at all times. Every characteristic, whether for in-house production or purchased parts, can be individually analyzed on the technical drawing. With this secure basis, you can confidently negotiate specific adjustments with your suppliers. A reliable overview at the touch of a button serves as a backing for preparing your offer: all risks, actions, and costs in one place.

Highly rated

You receive a clear assessment of all part characteristics in every product phase. The results, including attached documents, are displayed in a comprehensible manner. You can also display all changes that occur during a product life cycle via the drawing integration and phase-dependent catalogs of criteria in HBW – simply and reliably. With the help of the evaluation of individual product versions, you can always make reliable statements about the respective degree of maturity of your product and its feasibility.

Complete tracking of actions

Thanks to the integration of HBW in the QMS software, you possess a complete process documentation for every in-house production part and purchased part. All actions regarding the topic feasibility assessment can be filtered and tackled in a targeted manner.

Assessment from a supplier perspective

Ask your supplier the feasibility questions at an early stage of your product development process. Use QC - Supply Chain to exchange specifications, general questions, and assessments in a comprehensible and structured way. Additionally, you will be supported regarding the definition and tracing of your supplier’s activities.


  • Creation, management, documentation of feasibility studies
  • Clear overview of open, in progress, and updated feasibility studies
  • Freely definable criteria catalogs for easy transfer to checklist templates
  • Checklists can be adapted to the respective project and production phases
  • Risk assessment for the selection of suppliers
  • Quick generation of characteristics lists by including CAD data
  • Synchronization of feasibility studies with drawing changes
  • Direct feasibility studies for characteristics as well as determination of the control procedures and inspection methods
  • Each characteristic can be evaluated individually
  • Integrated action management
  • Comprehensive and diverse analyses including Excel export
  • Attachment of documents possible
  • Analyzed characteristics and criteria as well as actions are directly reported back by the supplier in QC - Supply Chain
  • Drawing integration OCR, 2D and 3D PDF
  • Storage of version-related contact persons
  • Traceability of changes by comparison with the previous version

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