DC - Document Center

Efficient document control and transparent versioning

Data volumes under control

Every company process generates new documentation – the more complex the task or process, the more data will be created. Drawings, images, or videos are increasingly being added to written correspondence. All individual documents must be meaningfully managed, archived, and published within the company. It is precisely these error-prone individual tasks that Document Center (DC) takes on.

Filing and publishing

Scan your documents, or simply drag and drop them from Explorer into the application. You can define context information to facilitate retrieval. Each file undergoes a release process, where predefined classifications are set. All your employees can use the Intranet Viewer to search, display, and print documents.

Document retrieval

You can easily retrieve stored data files using various search criteria: in the tree structure, by document name, attribute, context or description, graphical navigation, full text search, or similarity search. This ensures that nothing gets lost.

Read-protect and validity

All printable documents are automatically converted to PDF in the background. The format of the original file is thus retained. This means that you meet the legal requirements for a digital archive. Each document is unique – however, you can use links that allow you to access it in different folders simultaneously. If you change the document, the change is automatically visible at all folders. This process eliminates problems regarding different document versions – the stored version history can be viewed at any time.

Document control

Use DC to manage your documents in compliance with ISO 9001. The linked document version to the quality process is transparent at all times and, if necessary, it can be easily and comprehensibly changed for a recent released version.


  • Company-specific, graphical navigation interface for quick access to documents
  • Integrated workflow ensures the efficient approval and information process with a reminder function for all parties involved
  • Automatic email notification to predefined people in case changes occur in a document folder
  • The search for similar and related documents enables quick access to variants
  • Conversion of documents to PDF format when they are filed; retention of original file
  • Easy recovery of documents: search in tree structure, search for title components and key words, full-text search, object search, graphical navigation, etc.
  • Company-wide, cross-location publication of documents in the Intranet (QC - Web)
  • Simultaneous storage of a document in several folders by linking
  • Integrated release function ensures complete version history
  • Stamp function for unambiguous identification of documents, e.g. for release or return
  • Documents used daily can be arranged on a personal desktop. The documents are directly linked to the respective process in Quality Center, e.g. complaints, initial sample inspection report

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