Diverse audit definition: internal, external, system, process and product audit, as well as supplier audit

Handling audits consistently

The planning and implementation of audits require a high level of organizational effort. Using AUDIT, you clearly reduce documentation and monitoring efforts. Check your quality standards for compliance and effectiveness, and use the software to ensure consistent planning and implementation of customer, supplier, and internal audits.

An overview of audits

A central calendar gives you a comprehensive overview of your audits at any time. Here you can access information on all audits – whether internal or external audits, system, process, or product audits. This central administration enables you to filter for organization, time, business partner or partial audits and continue working on your audit program in a targeted manner.

Flexible planning

Define standard-related question catalogs and combine them freely with your own company catalogs. In combination with the integrated module Inspection Plan, you have inspection characteristics at your disposal for product audits in addition to questions. Flexible settings enable you to determine the procedure (catalog or free findings) in systems and process audits as well as the level of detail (including root cause analysis). For these various authorizations, you can file auditor qualifications and repetition intervals for each type of audit.

Simple implementation

Carry out audits with the support of predefined question, cause, and action catalogs. Utilize the integration of drawings for evaluating characteristics during product audits. Make targeted findings, including their evaluation, and support them with photos and other documents. During the audit, filter for missing findings or deviations for which actions must be defined. Visualize your audit results in a norm-specific manner (VDA 6.3) using customizable reports and the integrated Analysis Center with predefined evaluations.

Track audits efficiently

Track all necessary actions for findings easily and on schedule via the integrated action management or Intranet (QC - Web). Via the QC - Supply Chain, you enable your suppliers to retrieve, process, and trace audits and you, in turn, receive direct feedback on the processing status of the actions.


  • Flexible definition of all types of audits, such as internal/external system audit, process audit, product audit, supplier audit
  • Use of norm-based question catalogs, e.g. IAFT16949, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, VDA 6.3 or in-house catalogs
  • Adding your own questions while performing the audit and adding new questions to existing checklists
  • Freely definable evaluation criteria corresponding to audit types
  • Detailed recording of statements with root cause analysis as well as comparison with norms requirements
  • Storage of the audit qualification depending on the type of audit
  • Overview of audits, deadlines with drill-down on individual processes
  • Actions in the Intranet for direct processing
  • Reminder for audits to be planned for each repetition interval
  • Adoption of the audit results in Supplier Evaluation
  • Comprehensive presentation of all audits in a calendar overview (timeline) for central administration
  • Define audit team, including roles
  • Clear presentation of all audits in structure trees for organization, business partner and part
  • Comprehensive information about the audit to all parties involved via email with audit details and attached reports
  • Filter option in the audit, e.g. after assessment of findings, findings without actions, etc.
  • Customizable reports using an integrated report designer
  • Comprehensive assessment using standard analysis supplied or freely definable
  • Warnings in the event of deviations or regular reports by the Q-Agent

Quality Center

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Even as a stand-alone solution, each module of the PeakAvenue Quality Center is a specialist in its field. In combination with other modules, the software offers you the best possible functionality and maps the quality control loop.

Action Management

Central management of actions with status, deadlines and responsible parties.

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Analysis Center

Graphical analyses and overview lists of planned and completed audits with dates and results.

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Competence Management

Qualifications for auditors are achieved through targeted training.

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