APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning

Detect and eliminate bottlenecks in advance

Safeguarding series start-up

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is based on the requirements of those industrial companies whose subcontractors are integral to project development. The APQP software module is available for defining and carrying out work packages and forms the basis for successful and efficient project control.

Up-to-date and in-depth information

APQP details everything in a project up to the start of production, including all partial projects, milestones, quality gates, deadlines, and overview of costs. All documents connected to the respective project are saved – which makes APQP a key tool to guarantee the success of a project.

One step ahead – proactive operation

By visualizing real data, quality gates, and the critical path, you can identify deviations from specifications and their effects on the future course of the project. Therefore, you can take immediate corrective actions, identify risks in advance and proactively reduce them.

Time and cost savings

Generate different reports automatically with APQP and say goodbye to time-consuming, cost-intensive, and error-prone processes. Gone are the days of status reports that you manually transfer from Office files to report forms required by customers.

Recognize interactions

Integrate all suppliers in your supply chain with QC - Supply Chain – so that every company involved has access to the same information as well as dates in the web application. Real data from suppliers enable you to immediately recognize interactions and dependencies within the course of the project.


  • Creation of project templates, checklists and status reports
  • You can use different types of calenders for project planning in Gantt
  • Building block technology – contents of various project templates can be combined into one project
  • Definition of different project teams within projects
  • Link to parts lists, e.g. for planning initial sampling of a product
  • Always up-to-date drawings or 3D PDFs available thanks to cross-module drawing integration
  • Link of all quality processes for easy navigation, e.g. direct access to the corresponding process in QC-modules ISIR and FMEA
  • Cross-project evaluations, e.g. target and actual comparison
  • Gantt chart with critical path and customer / project deadlines (milestones)
  • Clear presentation of all projects in the GYR table
  • Change management - archiving and versioning of project statuses and all status reports as well as direct version comparison
  • Action management with status, dates, and persons responsible
  • One or more empyloees and thus actions can be assiged to each work package
  • Resource planning (employee workload) including consideration of employee calendar
  • Saving of all APQP-relevant documents via integrated document management
  • Graphical display of costs as well as the degree of completion of a project and its subactions
  • Evaluation of project classifications with AC
  • Exchange, edit, and monitor of supplier actions via QC - Supply Chain
  • Logbook for commenting on project progress

Quality Center

Discover more QC modules.

Even as a stand-alone solution, each module of the PeakAvenue Quality Center is a specialist in its field. In combination with other modules, the software offers you the best possible functionality and maps the quality control loop.


Planning of D-FMEA and P-FMEA for milestones in the project.

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Initial Sample Inspection Report

Planning of initial sampling for milestones in the project.

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Action management

Central management of actions with status, deadlines and responsible parties.

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