AC - Analysis Center

Transparent company information and efficient evaluations in quality assurance

The basis for clear decisions

To act responsibly, you need secure, transparent and, above all, up-to-date information. In the area of quality assurance in particular, you create the indispensable basis for effective reaction and timely action in your company with analyses that can be created quickly as well as forecasts and early warnings when limits are exceeded. Accelerate your communication: Use the integrated Q-Agent for the time-controlled dispatch of quality reports to a defined distribution group.

Access to all relevant modules

The Analysis Center (AC) gives you central access to all QC modules that are relevant for creating your evaluations - including, for example, complaint management, audit or APQP. Utilizing the integrated filter function helps you generate detailed analyses over freely definable periods of time

Get to the core of the matter quickly

What is particularly interesting, of all the analyses that AC creates, you can switch directly to the corresponding processes on which the analysis is based. This feature makes AC an instrument of extreme usefulness. The analysis database can also be made available as a list at any time and exported to Excel.

Accessible key data

Translate and condense assessments of your corporate key data in concise diagrams – easily done with the cockpit charts from the Analysis Center. You can compare nominal and actual values at a glance. The drill-down function also gives you direct access to the underlying detailed analyses and processes.

Individual presentations

The Analysis Center is designed in such a way that you can use it to create not only individual analysis, but also graphical displays. You can modify diagrams according to your own requirements and combine them in one screen – this way you can quickly identify context. Analysis schedules allow, e.g. the automatic creation of monthly reports in which you can focus on defined periods of time by filtering within the analysis. AC will continue to support you with Pareto analysis as well as data export in formats ready for presentations, e.g. PowerPoint.


  • Accesses all analysis-relevant Quality Center modules directly
  • Filter criteria can be defined in detail, e.g. based on part families, cost centers, production facilities or actions
  • Versatile and diverse standard analysis already integrated in the system
  • Company-specific report templates can be stored
  • Cockpit charts summarize the key data in graphics
  • Faster, visual comparison of nominal and actual values
  • Access to the detailed analysis and individual process in the QMS software via the drill-down function
  • Support of Pareto analyses
  • Clear navigation through various analysis in the hyperbolic net or tree structure
  • Sending and displaying analyses by email within the company – also cyclically by the Q-Agent
  • Using stored formulas with variables, e.g. simulate and represent quality goals and limits. Data can be extrapolated based on past values (regression analysis)
  • Timely warning by Q-Agent before or in the event of violations of defined limits, also predictions into the future, e.g. exceeding the number of complaints in the next quarter
  • Time controlled sending of quality reports to a defined distribution list by Q-Agent
  • Direct allocation of analysis to the relevant Quality Center module
  • Integrated report generator for cyclical generation, e.g. quarterly reports

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