The future starts now

The requirements for products and manufacturing processes will change radically in the next few years. This also applies to software that companies need for their processes.

The future has already begun for e1ns, Quality Center and XERI. A technological leap will take place within the next two years. So that you can benefit from this now, new functionalities and technologies are gradually being incorporated into the PeakAvenue platform:

  • Digitalization of the product life cycle
  • SaaS, web platform, open architecture
  • State of the art
  • Scalability
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Easy operation

The best of two worlds

At PeakAvenue, we recognized the need to combine engineering and quality management software. This is important to meet frequent changes in legal requirements, meet market demands and ensure product safety.

The functions from e1ns, Quality Center and XERI are integrated into a common platform. Our users can combine which specialized apps and methods they need for their 'world'.

DNA strand product life cycle with the associated PeakAvenue software modules

Become Quality Champions

Customer success in quality engineering

We aim to make our customers quality champions throughout the entire product life cycle. The active interlinking of the engineering and quality processes creates the database to comprehensibly display and evaluate all decisions, measures and results along the digital thread.

With our platform we offer the following key components of the digital thread in the product life cycle: a communication platform, connectivity, quality loops, an established, unbeatable FMEA, lessons learned processes and transparency in the supply chain.

Monitor costs with SaaS

Cloud Engineering Solutions

The basis for the PeakAvenue platform is state-of-the-art web and cloud technology (Software as a Service). Hosting is taken care of by us.

You use software individually tailored to your needs:

  • Easy onboarding of new employees via the browser
  • Flexible scaling for employees, methods and apps
  • PeakAvenue Hosting for software deployment and updates
  • Highest IT security standards
  • Use of AI if desired

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The Straight Path Along the Digital Thread

Become a Quality Champion with PeakAvenue. The entire Digital Thread in a state-of-the-art web and cloud application.

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