Here you will find answers to many questions on various topics relating to the e1ns Cloud. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.


How many people from my company can use FMEA Free?

You can work with a maximum of 2 people in the FMEA Free Cloud.

Using the "Invite new user" function, you can invite a second user and immediately work together in the cloud.

How long will my data be stored in the FMEA Free Cloud?

Your data will be stored in the FMEA Free Cloud for an unlimited period of time, as long as you work in it. If you are inactive for 60 days, your account with your data will be automatically deleted - we will inform you about this in advance.

When will my FMEA Free account be deleted?

FMEA Free accounts that have not been used for 60 days are automatically deleted.

Before deletion, customers will be notified by email. To prevent your account from being deleted, you must sign in.

If your free subscription account has been deleted, you will not be able to recover it. However, if you want to use FMEA Free again, you can create a new account.

Please note: When you receive your login details, you will be asked to log in to the FMEA Free Cloud within 7 days. If there is no login on your part, the account will be deleted and you will have to register again.

Can I import existing FMEAs into the Free Cloud?

The e1ns Free Cloud supports the current version MSR 2.1.2, the XML-based standardized exchange format with other FMEA software systems. The FMEA and the associated system structures are automatically built in e1ns with the import.

Why do I not receive my login data?

After registering on our website, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Please also check your spam folder. Only after confirmation you will receive your access data to your FMEA Free Cloud a few minutes later and can start directly.

If you still do not receive your access data, please contact us.

Packages and Licenses

Which package should I choose?

The e1ns Cloud Packages are equipped with different functionalities for your engineering tasks. You can find more details in this comparison.

Our experienced Team will be happy to support you in your decision. Please contact us here.

What is the difference between software purchase and cloud subscription?

With the purchase of the software licenses you acquire the right to use the e1ns software for an unlimited time. You (together with your IT service provider) are responsible for the operation of e1ns.

The e1ns Cloud Subscription includes the use of the software license for the duration of the software rental. The subscription includes the use of the latest version, the hotline (for paid packages) and the operation of e1ns.

Which type of software delivery is most suitable for me?

The first step in answering this question is to determine the complexity of your business. Answer a few questions about your business so that you can determine which type of deployment is the best choice (on-prem, FMEA Free Cloud, e1ns Cloud, e1ns Cloud dedicated):

  • How specialized is your company compared to others in your industry?
  • Do standard products offer the functionality you need?
  • What level of software modification do you need?

Our experienced PeakAvenue team is happy to support you in your decision. Get in contact with us.

Which user licenses are available?

There is a distinction between standard users and co-workers.

Standard users can use the entire range of functions of the selected package. It is possible to reduce the user rights for different users if required.

Co-workers take on the function of a reader-only and task editor. They have no editing rights for methods and documents.

Do I need to purchase a minimum number of licenses?

Yes. The minimum number is 3 standard users.

In the FMEA Free Cloud, the number of users is limited to 2.

Is there a limit to the number of licenses?

In the FMEA Free Cloud, the number of users is limited to 2.

If you want to switch from the FMEA Free Cloud to a higher package, please contact us.

Are the user licenses personal or can I reassign them within my organization?

The users must be registered by name. If a user should no longer have access to the system, it can be set to "inactive" or deleted. This releases a license and allows it to be reassigned.

The scope of functions can be restricted for one or more users via roles if required and is therefore person-bound. According to the selected package, the roles for a user can be adjusted at any time.

Add-on Packages

Can the add-on packages be used standalone?

No. The add-on packages can only be booked as a supplement to one of our e1ns FMEA Cloud packages. They cannot be combined with the e1ns Free Cloud.

Can I combine any add-on package with any of the e1ns FMEA Cloud packages?

No. The "Special Characteristics" add-on package can only be used with the e1ns Cloud packages Process Pro or FMEA Premium.
For the "Functional Safety" add-on package, we recommend combining it with the Design Pro or FMEA Premium packages.

Can I get an add-on package if I am already a Multi-Tenant Cloud customer?

Yes, you can add one or more add-on packages to existing multi-tenants. A file in the customer database must then be updated accordingly. You - the customer - then only need to log in again and assign the corresponding role to the users.

Will the contract term be extended if I book an add-on package?

Yes, the contract term increases by 1 year. A downgrade is possible at the start of the new contract term.

Do I have to purchase a minimum number of licenses for an add-on package?

No. The add-on packages can be purchased starting from 1 user.


Is it possible to switch from an existing e1ns system, which is already classically used and licensed, to the e1ns Cloud?

Yes, the switch is possible. For this, the data must be migrated to the cloud, for which PeakAvenue charges a service flat rate. Usually no migration project is necessary.
A contract for the e1ns Cloud has to be signed. A crediting of a currently running classic service contract is possible.

How do I register for the e1ns Cloud?

Before purchasing an e1ns Cloud subscription, you can start a 30-day free trial to find out if the application is right for you.

You can register here for the test offer.

If you have chosen the FMEA Free Cloud, you can register here and log in directly with your login data.

Is there a minimum term for using the e1ns Cloud?

The minimum term is one year. The term is automatically extended by a further year if not cancelled 3 months before expiry.

There is no minimum term for the FMEA Free Cloud.

Which service is included in the e1ns Cloud subscription?

The service of the e1ns Cloud subscription includes all IT tasks, such as backup, anti-virus protection, software maintenance, scaling of the system according to requirements.

The support is at your disposal should problems occur.

Is it possible to switch from my purchased cloud package to another package during the contract period?

Yes, the upgrade is possible at any time. This increases the contract term. A downgrade is possible with the beginning of the new contract period.

For further questions please contact us.

Manage e1ns Cloud Account

How can I change my password?

Every user can change his password at any time in the user settings:
User Preferences > Settings > Password > Change

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

When logging in, click on "Forgot password" and enter your e-mail address. The execution of this action will be registered in the system if the corresponding e-mail address is stored in the user administration.

What happens if I enter more users than are licensed?

You can exceed licenses at short notice. You can get a license overview in the user administration. If there are too few licenses, they are displayed in red. Every time a user logs in, the license overrun is made visible. PeakAvenue will be informed when licenses are exceeded.

In the FMEA Free Cloud, it is not possible to exceed the specified number of users.

Working in the e1ns Cloud

Where can I find the e1ns Cloud user guide?

The e1ns Cloud User Guide can be found directly in e1ns, top right in the toolbar under the menu item "Help".

The e1ns Cloud User Guide is automatically updated with each new version.

Software screen for e1ns navigation
Where can I find the E-Learning videos for the e1ns Cloud?

Access to the e1ns Cloud e-learning videos is available when you join the paid e-learning program.

Who can I contact with support requests?

Contact your system administrator. He has the possibility to forward support requests to PeakAvenue.

Are there any restrictions on uploading file attachments?

The limit for uploading files is 30 MB per file. The total volume for storing files is 20 GB. An extension of this volume is possible for a fee.

What data import/export options are available in the e1ns Cloud?

The e1ns Cloud enables the import and export of projects, forms and system elements in various formats. For example, forms can be easily exported to Excel for further processing or output as a PDF export.

The import/export of user lists is also easily possible in CSV format.

Please note: The e1ns Free Cloud supports the current version MSR 2.1.2, the XML-based standardized exchange format with other FMEA software systems. The FMEA and the associated system structures are automatically built in e1ns with the import.

Data Security

How is the security of my data ensured?

PeakAvenue uses Microsoft Azure™, one of the most secure cloud platforms on the market. The security architecture of the e1ns Cloud uses the latest standards and technologies.

A modern microservices architecture ensures that the system is scalable and robust. Should a microservice fail or require too many resources, not the entire system is affected and an analysis of the problem and its correction is quickly possible. Security features of API Gateways are used for microservices to specifically identify potential attacks.

Each customer works on their own database, which is operated with a database-specific service. This means that customer data is protected separately and is also physically separated.

PeakAvenue complies with the current data protection requirements. Data protection requirements according to DSGVO are regulated in the order processing contract (AV contract).

PeakAvenue has no access to the contents of your system.

The security team regularly conducts penetration tests (e.g. according to OWASP) for e1ns Cloud.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored exclusively on servers of Microsoft Azure™ and is regularly backed up.

Microsoft Azure™ offers cyber security at the highest level and enjoys worldwide acceptance among companies.

Is my data encrypted?

HTTPS-protected communication between clients and the servers is ensured by using the current TLS 1.2/1.3 standard. Data is transparently encrypted and decrypted in the cloud using AES-256 encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

How is the loss of my data prevented?

Regular backups are performed to secure your data.

Termination of the Contract

How can I cancel the e1ns Cloud subscription?

If you wish to cancel your e1ns Cloud subscription, please e-mail us. You will receive a form that you have to fill out, sign and return to PeakAvenue.

Is there a notice period?

The notice period is 3 months to the end of the contract.

If you use the FMEA Free Cloud, there is no notice period.

What happens with my data after termination?

The data will be completely deleted 90 days after cancellation.

A separate agreement can be made to secure the data beyond the termination, for which PeakAvenue will charge a fee.

For further questions please contact us here.