Screenshot data transfer in free fmea version

Easy FMEA Data Import

Import your FMEA data easily, quickly and securely from other software tools into e1ns.

  • e1ns supports the latest version MSR (Manufacturer Supplier Relationship) 2.1.2, dhe XML-based standardized exchange format.
  • The FMEA and associated system structures are automatically built up in e1ns.
  • Transferred FMEA data can be used directly in e1ns.
Screenshot e1ns AIAG VDA form

Individual FMEA Form Sheets

Customize FMEA forms to meet your company-specific requirements. The customizable features are, for example:

  • Additional data
  • Additional columns
  • Alternative evaluations
  • and many more
Software screen e1ns p-diagram

Quick Understanding of Connections

Data from the P-Diagram can be automatically transferred to the functional and failure analysis.

"Disturbance variables" from the P-diagram are offered in suggestion lists for failure causes in the FMEA. "Unintended output" is offered in suggestion lists for failures in the FMEA.

Data from the P-Diagram are offered as suggestion lists for specifications.

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Create diagrams for report

Create Reports Fast and Easy

The latest key figures and evaluations are available in the dashboard at any time. Reports, such as maturity level evaluations, are automatically visualized for management and project managers and can be output at the push of a button.

Screenshot automatic action notification

Automatic Action Notification

The e1ns newsletter informs project participants automatically and regularly about their measures. These can be edited in a separate action view in the web browser. FMEA knowledge and direct editing in the FMEA form are not required.

The e1ns plugin technology allows a wide range of customization options for the newsletter attributes, such as

  • Sending Interval
  • Language
  • Layout
  • And many more
Software screen e1ns process flow chart

Process Flow Chart

In the process flow chart, the process structure and the interactions between process steps are visually elaborated.

The process is automatically transferred into a tree structure, which represents the central process representation.

Process elements are analyzed and supplemented with further methods - e.g. feature specification, FMEA, production control plan.

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Screenshot block diagram

Block diagram

Model-based system development using the block diagram provides a visual representation of the system / product. Using the SysML standard, a system structure is created that describes the system behavior functionally, mechanically, electrically, electronically, etc..

All project participants from different areas, work on a common system representation.

Simple. Intuitive. In the web browser.

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Image generic FMEAs Lessons Learned

Generic FMEAs and Lessons Learned

By using Generic FMEAs or Basic FMEAs, development teams benefit from existing knowledge and avoid repeating mistakes from the past.

A defined lessons learned process helps you to use existing knowledge efficiently for future projects.

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