e1ns APQP

The integrated solution for the consistent APQP process

APQP is a structured process with standardized methods such as feasibility analysis, FMEA, QM plan, etc. It ensures that all required process steps are completed on time and that the product will satisfy the customer.

The chronological order, the application of the individual methods, and the execution of each step can vary in an APQP process. The result of the advanced product quality planning process is used as the basis for the creation of QM plans.

The APQP solution package from PeakAvenue provides an integrated solution for consistent advanced product quality planning processes.

From project and method planning to the application of the methods and management of the results documents, e1ns offers you all the tools you need and integrates them into a consistent data concept.

Your benefits

Why e1ns APQP?

  • Control of complex projects
  • Project templates to reduce time and effort
  • Milestone planning across project phases, including the individual activities
  • Central action management to help maintain deadlines
  • Early detection and monitoring of project delays
  • Creation of links between project planning and the project methods (e.g. FMEA) so that all data is always available and up to date

  • Ability to integrate additional methods and checklists
  • Release and versioning of the results documents

Recommended Additions for Your Comprehensive Development Process

e1ns APQP

The main goals of APQP

Early error detection

APQP promotes the identification of potential problems and risks in the early stages of product development. Through a comprehensive analysis, possible sources of error can be identified and eliminated before they have costly consequences.

Clear planning and organization

APQP establishes a clear planning and organizational process. This includes setting milestones, assigning responsibilities and creating process flows to ensure quality standards are met.

Continuous improvement

The APQP process promotes continuous improvement in product quality. Through regular reviews and adjustments, companies can optimize their processes and increase the quality of their products.

Meet customer requirements

APQP helps ensure that the products manufactured meet customers' requirements and expectations. This is particularly important in industries such as the automotive industry, where strict quality standards apply.

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