Your path to an intelligent development process

e1ns is the system for the optimal design of the product development process (PDP). With e1ns we have developed a solution that works in the early stages of PDP. Right where you lay the foundation for cost and risk avoidance.

Special features

  • e1ns combines methods and development phases in a system.
  • Under its aspects the system model modeling (SysML) each discipline (mechanical, software, electrical, etc.)
  • "Single Point of Information" - central and direct access to all networked data and measures within the product development process via web browser.
  • We put together a customized methods framework that is designed specifically for your development process.


From idea to product

Model-based, visual, consistent, agile, simple, scalable, and globally available

The Framework

The e1ns framework combines the phases of the PEP with the necessary development methods and thus offers a platform for optimally linking methods and phases. In doing so, e1ns provides you with all the forms specifically tailored to your development process.

The definition of milestones as well as the integrated action and document management system ensures that deadlines are met on time in all phases as well as transparency for everyone involved - worldwide.

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Everything at a glance

You control the PDP by defining milestones and the associated activities. With e1ns, you always have an overview.

Transparency of project activities, risk and measure statistics

The integrated dashboard function provides you with visualized key figures on due dates, activities, risks, etc. Existing standard dashboard evaluations are supplemented with your own key figures and reports. The consistent e1ns solution is web-based and means

  • No installation
  • Highest security standards
  • Cost control
  • Easy access
  • Always up to date

Requirements management

The development process begins with the customer's request and the developer's creative idea. Even the first steps need optimal conditions to enable efficient, methodical support and interdisciplinary development.

With e1ns, methods and data are provided in such a way that they interlock and can be processed in parallel. Depending on requirements, systems are modeled (SysML) or a systematic requirements analysis (QFD) is carried out. A jointly used data and system representation increases the quality of innovation, reduces loops in the process and provides a solid basis for decision-making.

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Tailor-made methods

Depending on which methods you need for your development process, we configure a method framework according to your requirements.

From requirements management to testing, e.g. Design Verification Plan

e1ns offers you customized methods, tailored to your development process and provides the corresponding forms. The link between the method framework and the system model means that everyone involved has easy access to relevant, up-to-date data and documents.

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Controlled transition between project phases

Milestones allow you to monitor the progress of the project and ensure an orderly transition to the next phases. All activities are assigned to milestones so that you always have an overview of open tasks and the availability of results.

Data statuses and (interim) results are released as baselines and versioned. In addition, e1ns allows you to store checklists for the transition to the next phase, thus ensuring that decisions are traceable and risks due to undesirable developments in the project are minimized.

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Your benefits

Mastering complexity with e1ns

Added value for your company's engineering knowledge

Using e1ns, you gain easy access to all engineering information and understand it, regardless of its source. This enables you to make the right decisions at the right time - meaning you can convert the knowledge gained in product development to positive business results.

Good decisions need a reliable basis!

Everybody involved in development needs an interface to information that is easy to access, easy to use, and can be used to interpret the current course of events and trends. Indicators help you intervene faster when risks become apparent or goals cannot be reached. Management uses overviews (graphs or lists) to individually visualize and filter data for current issues or to output data tables for further evaluations.

With e1ns.dashboard you see the project stage at a glance. Dashboards are no longer a privilege for the management team. The dashboard provides and condenses your data. Individual filters provide analyses regarding your concrete questions. Decision makers have an easier access to project data.

  • Preparation and condensing of large amounts of data
  • Support of decision-making by providing current status information
  • Visualization of various risk indicators
  • Ensuring the transparency of potential risks
  • Display of action status, deadline status, and delays
  • Ensuring the transparency of maturity of analyses and projects
  • Uncomplicated operation using a web browser
Greater efficiency by working together

e1ns offers an open, integrated systematic approach in product development so that your engineering teams always have access to all engineering information available. Furthermore, the teams also have an overview of how their engineering decisions affect other disciplines.

Your benefits: Thoroughly robust results due to the ability to access approved, completed, and tested (or functioning) developments.

e1ns is the central hub and connects your teams regardless of where they are located!

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Prevent errors right from the start

e1ns supports the method of continuous verification. Methods like FMEA, risk management, and functional safety reveal defects in the early phases of the development process, and these defects are thus easier and less expensive to eliminate.

Together with the continuous validation, you take one step further:

Early detection of potential business interruptions and help to avoid errors!

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Your data in e1ns

You want to make your data available for global evaluations and process control? In e1ns, you can use various forms.

Switch from Excel to e1ns to have up-to-date, global and easily findable, networkable and controllable data available in your development process. They are automatically and securely transported from one worksheet to the next. The flow of data is guaranteed and no longer depends on manual activities.

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Securing engineering

Important results from development generated by Excel as well as many other special tools as artifacts have a secure and easily accessible place in the engineering framework using e1ns. The ability to edit, version, and approve them is guaranteed. The content and metadata of these documents can be found immediately using a full-text index. Everything is designed for simple and intuitive use.

Store, Manage and Release Product and Project Data Centrally

The central document management with e1ns.documents plays a crucial role when it comes to the continuous documentation in all phases of the product development process (PDP). The central storage and management of all documents, files, and links in e1ns ensures transparency and availability of all critical information. Furthermore, the full-text indexing assures that all important information can be found via the e1ns search.

e1ns.documents interlinks documents with the product and system development which makes it the central file system in the product development process. The software centralizes and standardizes all documents and files in the product development process so that it replaces different file storage systems in the engineering process.

e1ns.documents provides

  • An efficient filing system and overview by a combined view of projects, mile stones, actions, system structures, requirements, and functions
  • A ‘drop zone’ to store documents and files in single elements
  • Versioning for regularly in e1ns generated PDFs of artifacts (e.g. an existing requirement analysis) based on the data in the system


Everything is designed for simple and intuitive use.

Engineering proof

Product files by the press of a button? As a file or an electronic record, as a proof of conformity or as a receipt for customers - e1ns.output ensures the completeness and upto-dateness of your data generated in the product development process (PDP).

Automated Output of Verification and Results Documents

Thanks to this integrated module, master data, analysis results or parts thereof are summarized and automatically converted into a structured output format. If required, output-specific data can be entered by users during creation and individual files can be generated.

Depending on the industry or application, these products include:

  • Device master records
  • Risk management file
  • Functional Safety File
  • Technical specifications

The transfer of the output documents into the document management tool e1ns.documents enables not only the versioning but also the automatic filing and display in the central project and structure tree. This uniform project and product view (or system view) provides easy orientation for all project members.

Product Innovation Platform

The basis for successful product development

100% web based

All product development data is available to every team worldwide and across all locations.

  • Available worldwide
  • No (local) installation necessary
  • Ad-hoc use - Low training costs


The system grows in terms of technical requirements.

  • Complexity
  • Size and number of product and process data
  • Number of users

Collaboration - Communication

Model-based work guarantees that everyone involved has the same understanding of the system and is working at the same level everywhere.

  • Simultaneous work on a system model
  • Collaboration between all members of the value chain
  • Overview of decision-making influences on other specialist areas

Lessons Learned

Approved standard templates ensure a standardized way of working and significantly reduce effort.

  • Making knowledge available
  • Facilitate knowledge management by working with templates
  • Active notification of new findings

Single Point of Information

The central search portal provides an overview of all information in product and process planning. The content can be found easily and immediately using the full-text search.

  • Reduce search and communication effort
  • Answers to all questions about projects, key figures, products and risks
  • Central database ensures consistency

Security - Safety - Compliance

Authorized access to the system is ensured. All signature-relevant actions can only be released by entering a password.

  • Access rights
  • Secure, protected and reliable data and processes
  • Audit and traceability
  • Compliance


Discover all e1ns methods

Tailored methods set to your development process with the associated forms - simple, intuitive, in the web browser.

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Creation of FMEAs: Worldwide, easily and in a team.

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Inspection Plan

Quality assurance measurements during production.

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Process Flow

Process flows for identifying the causes of possible malfunctions.

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Change management with DRBFM: Success with methods.

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Functional Safety

Functional safety (ISO 26262) and FMEDA.

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Complaints & 8D

Permanent complaints resolution.

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Special characteristics

Ensure consistency of special characteristics.

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