Systematic Learning from Own Experiences

Every completed project holds a treasure trove of valuable knowledge. But how can you ensure that this knowledge is not lost, but rather contributes to the success of future projects? Our solution: the systematic use and processing of your experience!

Use tried and tested parts of existing projects as a template for future tasks. This not only reduces the amount of work and time required, but also avoids errors that have already been identified. This smart approach is crucial for the long-term success of your company.

Our regulated approval process ensures that all templates are carefully checked before they are released to a defined group of users. This method not only enables a high level of quality control, but also the continuous updating of templates through the integration of new knowledge and experience - a process we call "lessons learned".

With automatic notifications of template changes, all users are always kept up to date. In this way, you create a dynamic learning culture in your company and ensure that innovation and efficiency go hand in hand.

Your Benefits

Why e1ns.templates?

Quality assurance

  • Only up-to-date and released templates are used. Old versions of revised templates are not available and are archived.

Active communication

  • We will always keep you up to date. Template users receive a message when the template is updated.


  • Integrate changes effortlessly into documents that have already been edited, without wasting time or causing complications.

Time saving

  • Minimize the effort involved in creating and maintaining templates.

Efficient search

  • Our centralized system ensures that you have immediate access to the templates you need without the hassle of searching.


  • Only authorized persons can modify templates to ensure the integrity and security of your documents.

Global availability

  • Take advantage of the company-wide availability of templates - regardless of location, for effective collaboration.

Lessons Learned

  • Learn continuously. New findings and experiences flow directly into the templates to continuously optimize your work processes.

The templates at a glance

The central, web-based provision of templates is the key to a company-wide, uniform way of working. Thanks to this structure, templates are available worldwide and can be retrieved effortlessly - a great benefit for the efficiency of your team.

Master templates | Use of standards and derived variants.

  • With e1ns.templates you create a master template as a standard for your products and/or processes. Derived from the master template, variant templates are created that keep a connection to the master. Added knowledge leads to a new version of the master template. After release, the variant templates can be updated.

Templates for structures

  • Templates supply complete system structures with associated system elements, specifications and subsystems. In addition to the requirements, design / process analyses and the 5 M elements, all relevant models, analyses and documents are provided via the system structure.
  • The start of new projects is possible very quickly, even for complex products, based on the existing knowledge.

Templates for methods

  • A template provides not only the structure but also all relevant models, documents and quality methods, such as risk analysis, block diagram, process flow chart and FMEA.
  • Foundation FMEAs (also known as family, master, baseline or best practice FMEAs) are used as templates for the development of specific FMEAs.
  • The use of templates reduces your effort for creation and maintenance. Existing knowledge is used for new analyses, thus avoiding already identified failures and costly recall actions.

Templates for processes

  • With e1ns.templates you create process templates for the entire structure or work modularly with templates for sub-steps.
  • A process template contains all relevant structures, models, analyses and documents for your process. Graphical plans for the entire process can be adopted or, if required, created subsequently.

Templates for different business areas

  • The template database of e1ns.templates enables the use of templates for different divisions and international locations. To support individual, independent working methods, the template database also supplies several working databases if required.


Reuse of knowledge and FMEA templates

Does the creation and maintenance of FMEAs in your company take up too much time and effort? Are you using uncontrolled copies of sometimes outdated, unapproved data and is it not possible to work company-wide?

In this short video, we show you the advantages of using FMEA templates strategically and how you can benefit from the knowledge you have already gained.

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