Model and visualize processes

With e1ns.flow, you create and model processes graphically. A process can be divided into any number of subprocesses, thus allowing you to describe the entire process chain in detail. All process elements and links are automatically transferred by e1ns.flow to a system structure that is used as a basis for additional activities in the product development process (PDP).

Additional development steps create a network between the process structure and the product structure so that a common system representation is generated.

The visual representation of the process:

  • makes it easier for everyone involved to access product information
  • enables networked cooperation between different corporate divisions and departments.

Your benefits

Why e1ns.flow?

Easy use

  • The graphic interface displays all elements of a process.
  • Elements are created to build a process or existing elements are simply dragged into the interface and dropped at the desired location.
  • A process can be divided into any number of levels (additional worksheets).
  • Process steps are linked to each other to describe the process flow.
  • Connections between process steps can have properties (e.g. Decision: yes/no).

Model processes

  • Standard forms are provided for process steps.
  • Additional forms are available for illustration and entering comments.
  • Images and photos are integrated directly into the worksheets.
  • New process steps can be created or existing processes can be integrated into a process flow.
  • If necessary, custom templates can be implemented for different corporate divisions/manufacturing processes.

Integration into the product development process

  • The process flow chart is needed early in the design phase of a new product.
  • Modeled processes are automatically converted to a tree structure.
  • The tree is used as the main process representation to conduct further analyses: specification of the process characteristics, risk analysis, control plan, etc.


Easy & transparent

  • Different areas work on a shared process and system representation
  • Up-to-date data is always available
  • Duplicate work is avoided and the maintenance work is minimized
  • Quick start to process modeling thanks to an intuitive user interface
  • Work via web browser - a local installation is not required
Software screen of e1ns.flow

Industries and standards

  • IATF 16949 and AIAG recommend the creation of process flow diagrams
  • PPAP documentation for the “Production Part Approval Process” release procedure
  • FAO/WHO HACCP standard (ALINORM 97/13A, Annex II)
  • DIN 10503 (food hygiene)


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