Form for planning and design of process flows

The logical sequence of production, inspection, and assembly steps and all other movements of a product (transport, storage, etc.) are analyzed and documented.

The representation of the entire flow, including concurrent processes and their interactions, helps to detect the possible causes of a fault.

Use the knowledge of products and their manufacturing processes, which is already available through system analysis or an FMEA. The process flowchart shapes the entire process flow.


Application and use

  • The process flow chart is needed early in the design phase of a new product. Process and product assumptions are documented.
  • Forms the basis for the identification and analysis of fault parameters on machines and materials and when there are problems with the methods.
  • Serves as preparation for an FMEA or for planning a new project or a new process.
  • Supplies data for control plans.

Your benefits

Why e1ns Process Flow Chart?

Faster configuration using the Process Configurator

  • Data from a variety of sources is needed in the process flow chart. The Process Configurator provides a clear, cross-structural overview of the complex relationships between the process and product structure, machines, and characteristics.
  • The matrix graphic is easy to understand and allows users to proceed very quickly and systematically.
  • Once the process is configured, the process flow chart form is already filled in with the essential data. You only need to add the process step numbers and process types.

Consistent, up-to-date, and easily available data

  • Changes and updates to process data are automatically propagated to all other forms affected (FMEA, process flow chart, etc.). The data in e1ns.flow is also synchronized when processes are created and modeled visually.
  • Critical process and product characteristics are consistently indicated and updated.
  • Process Flow is a web application, which means no local installation is necessary. Employees from all corporate divisions have easy access – from anywhere in the world.

Individual requirements are taken into account

  • Process Flow benefits from the e1ns toolbox concept.
  • Additional columns or data are added to the standard process flow chart form if necessary – depending on the internal requirements of the company.
  • The data output can also be configured individually depending on which documents are needed for projects, customers, or archiving purposes.

Industries and Standards

Software screen von e1ns process flow

e1ns Process Flow is used for production processes in industry, assembly processes, quality management processes, services, etc.


IATF 16949 and AIAG require process flow charts to be created. They are required documents for the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

The FAO/WHO HACCP standard (ALINORM 97/13A, Annex II) requires the creation of process flow charts.

e1ns Process Flow presents flow charts according to DIN 10503, "Food hygiene".

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