Ensure safe control of failures and malfunctions

Manufacturers of complex products with electrical, electronic, and programmable components must guarantee that failures and malfunctions are controlled safely.

The ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards describe the requirements on functional safety.

They include the performance of a hazard analysis with risk assessment and verification with quantitative calculations via FMEDA.

We supply a solution that is integrated into the system analysis and makes individually customizable forms and calculations possible.

Hazard Analysis with Risk Assessment


  • Identification of potential hazards of the system
  • (Driving) situation analysis
  • Evaluation of the severity (S - severity)
  • Determination of the frequency of the situation (E - exposure)
  • Estimation of the ability to control the malfunction (C - controllability)
  • Classification of the safety level (ASIL / SIL)
  • Definition of safety objectives

FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis)

  • Determination of the quantitative parameters
  • Calculation of failure rates with individual procedures and models
  • Value catalogs for components offer convenient preparation
  • Safety function, diagnostic mechanism and component faults are linked via the methods and provide the basis for standard-compliant calculation and traceability

Individual Application

e1ns.methods contains standard forms and calculation methods for hazard analysis and FMEDA. They form the basis for company-specific forms that are developed within the framework of a form configuration. Additional forms for variants of a method or variants of the calculation methods can be added.

A form configuration contains:

  • Specification of the form
  • Implementation of the form (approx. 1-2 days - depending on the scope of functions)
  • Installation of the form - remote / optional (0.5 days)

Safety and Diagnostic Concept

  • Describe safety concept and execute ASIL decomposition
  • Define diagnostic concept

Your Benefits

Why Functional Safety?

  • Individual Analyses: Tailor-made analyses promote acceptance among users
  • Calculations: Models for calculating error metrics
  • Flexible form layouts: Columns and contents are customized specifically for the company
  • Web application: Working in the browser simplifies distributed team work and software availability
  • Use a database: Corporate knowledge is used and expanded
  • Saves time: Effort and maintenance of data are minimized for the user
  • Catalogs: Use of catalogs for component data
  • Integration of company data: Data from SAP®, MES, PLM, etc., can be used

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Functional Safety Readiness

e1ns FMEDA is certified in accordance with ISO 26262 and is used to verify the functional safety of hardware architectures with safety objectives up to ASIL D. For this purpose, the methodological approach of e1ns FMEDA has been modified to cover all cases of the standard.

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