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Every company is keen to keep the costs of a product development process as low as possible. An often unrecognized cost factor is the expenditure that the company has to accept if the manufacturing process is disrupted - or in the worst case paralyzed - due to errors.

The aim of the FMEA analysis process is to detect failures in a timely manner or, at best, to avoid them.
The user of the FMEA software achieves this through a stringency of design FMEA and product FMEA, which is reflected in the production control plan.

Companies that use solution-oriented software for FMEA (fault detection and avoidance) can gain an invaluable competitive advantage.

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Networking of FMEAs

The creation of a consistent Design- or Process-FMEA is already quite an art. But what does it look like if these two are to be interlinked or even if a matching Control Plan is to be created?

The webinar recording contains an illustrative example of how e1ns promotes exactly this consistency between Design-FMEA, Process-FMEA and the CP and helps to avoid inconsistencies.

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Your benefits

Why e1ns FMEA?

Open and integrated systems approach within the product development

  • Allows all engineering teams access to all current engineering information. Teams oversee all influences of their own decisions on the engineering and process environment.

Start FMEA via link - immediately and without any knowledge of structures

  • Our FMEA solution and its portal offers all employees a simple access to all information - even without any special FMEA knowledge. Links directly to the FMEA input cell are dispatched via email. Thus an introduction to the system structure is not necessary.

Uncomplicated handling via web browser

  • All team members work location independent on the FMEA. Each team has an overview at any point in the development process.

Apply newly acquired knowledge directly to current and future projects

  • The use of templates results in a minimization of the work and time required for the creation and maintenance of FMEAs, which are adapted to the needs of system analysis and risk management. The existing knowledge is used for new FMEAs and thus previously identified failures and costly recalls are avoided.

We proudly present

AI - The new team member in risk management

Would you like to improve the quality of your FMEA, speed up the workflow and take a huge load off your team? Then the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) as an additional team member in the risk management process could be the solution.

As an additional team member, AI could be used in the following areas:

  • Performing routine tasks (searching, sorting, creating suggestion lists, ...)
  • Comparison and determination of differences in variants/projects etc.
  • Systematic evaluations of structures/causal chains, etc.
  • Identification of complex correlations and patterns
  • Creation of risk documentation/reports for projects
  • Integration/evaluation of external data (process data, IoT, PLM, etc.)
  • Support in the operation of FMEA software (co-pilot)

Thanks to its ability to continuously learn and analyze large amounts of data at lightning speed, AI supports you at every step of the process. By performing risk assessments and applying guidelines, as well as its ability to translate FMEAs into different languages, AI offers priceless added value for your company.

The best part? Your team stays in control. AI provides you with prepared analyses and data preparation while you continue to make the decisions.

Great potential for more efficient and effective risk analysis

The future has already begun and PeakAvenue continues to drive forward the use of AI in e1ns. Together with the users of e1ns, tasks in the FMEA process are being identified that should be simplified and automated. The aim is to offer a practice-oriented and secure AI integration that is tailored to the needs of FMEA managers.

Do you have ideas and wishes for the integration? Then please let us know.


Get ready to take your risk management to the new level.


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