Make project planning transparent

To keep to scheduled dates in all phases of the product development process (PDP), a central action management system is very important. A controlled transition between the single project phases and transparency for all stakeholders have to be ensured – worldwide.

e1ns.actions provides a solution to manage projects, tasks, and actions. e1ns.documents combines project management and system development and the integrated project planning provides a timeframe for implementation and results.

  • Easy to use: access by web interface
  • Easy to work with: no expert knowledge necessary
  • Regular reminder: the system informs you by email
  • Working effectively: initiate and manage sub measures

Your Benefits

Why e1ns.actions?

Central action portal

  • Simple, intuitive, in the web browser
  • Easy orientation via the central product/project structure
  • Reliable processing through workflow control
  • The status is transparent at all times: Development, projects, milestones and measures.
  • Structure of measure hierarchies
  • Phase and milestone planning

Standardization & Liability

  • Distinct responsibility areas
  • Uniform handling and simple administration
  • Standardized documentation of results
  • Easy sceduling by use of interrelated dates
  • Central storage and visibility of all actions

Easy & Transparent

  • Easy and intuitive use in the web browser
  • Easy orientation via the central product / project structure
  • Workflow control ensures structured processing
  • Transparent status of actions at all times: development, projects, mile stones, and actions
  • Development of action hierarchies
  • Planning of phases and mile stones


Application examples

  • Planning of the product development process (PDP)
  • Risk management, full integration into the FMEA form
  • Actions according to all engineering methods
  • Project tasks
  • Actions and action plans according to management decisions
  • Corrective and improvement measures (CAPA, 8D-report, audits)
  • Personal tasks in the operative field, organizational tasks, agreed goals …


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