Discover the benefits of a PeakAvenue partnership

Our formula for success is: entrepreneurial freedom combined with the successful e1ns brand from PeakAvenue.

Over the years, we have built up a network of independent consultants and consulting firms to offer our customers a wide range of services in their area.

Are you self-employed in FMEA consulting or in a consulting firm?

Then take advantage of the benefits of self-employment and gain a decisive competitive advantage through your partnership with PeakAvenue.

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Your benefits

What benefits do we offer you?

Exclusive tools

  • Access to e1ns modules for improved offers and efficiency

Make the Difference

  • Assist customers in the creation of FMEAs and become an important factor in their success.

Certification and visibility

  • As a certified consultant, you ensure your competitiveness and are listed on the PeakAvenue homepage.

Trusting partnership

  • You are authorized to offer services using the prestigious PeakAvenue brand.

Success stories

Certified Consultants voices

Let the experience of our valued PeakAvenue Certified Consultants inspire you.

"The link between customer and PeakAvenue
„Since 2008 I am an independent consultant, expert for FMEA methodology and reliability calculations. We have been working together since 2005, initially as a user and now as a PeakAvenue Certified Consultant (PCC).
I appreciate this status very much, because one is always the link between the customers and the PeakAvenue company. You learn first-hand about the status of developments and can help shape them, which I find very nice.
This very good connection gives me the opportunity to inform the customers about what is coming and what they can look forward to.“

Dr. Britta Maid, Fa. fmea compACT

Logo of the company FMEA Compact

"Member of a great team
„With the PCC partnership, I was able to establish and efficiently develop my status as an independent FMEA expert. The provision of training and moderation activities also contributed to this.
Appropriate training offers are made available to PeakAvenue Certified Consultants for an optimum introduction to the software or for the introduction of new modules. Another enriching aspect is the regular exchange of information about the e1ns software and methodology, both with the PeakAvenue consulting team and with PCC colleagues. It's good that there is this pleasant opportunity for communication and cooperation. It always gives me the pleasant feeling of being a member of a great team.“

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Johannes Fellner, lr-engineering GmbH

Logo of the company LR-Engineering

"Very pleasant time of cooperation
"As an independent consultant, I am a Certified Consultant Partner of PeakAvenue. I have been working as a PCC for over 20 years, so I am already one of the senior consultants in the company. The cooperation started in 1998 in my former company, where I had introduced the previous version of the e1ns software. As a result of my positive experiences, it was a natural step for me to enter into a partnership as a consultant when I became self-employed in 2001. For more than 20 years we have been loyal to each other and look back on a very pleasant time of cooperation. This also includes the constructive discussions regarding the development of the software. Together we have been able to get quite a few things off the ground, such as the family tree. Currently I am also working as an e1ns consultant and several implementation projects of e1ns have already been realized. I am looking forward to a joint and further successful future with PeakAvenue."

Edwin Herter, Fa. Ingenieurbüro Herter

Logo of the company Ingenieurbüro Herter