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PeakAvenue Welcomes Kozo Keikaku Engineering as New Strategic Partner in Japan

PeakAvenue is very pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE), further expanding PeakAvenue's presence in Japan.

Ulrich Mangold, CEO, PeakAvenue and Tamon Watanabe, Representative Executive Officer and President, KKE shaking hands

Shaping the Future Together

With its head office in Tokyo and branches in Osaka, Fukuoka, as well as additional offices in China and partnerships in Germany (such as NavVis and SIMSCALE) and the US, KKE is a global player with almost 700 employees. This partnership will leverage KKE’s extensive expertise and robust infrastructure to further strengthen PeakAvenue’s global reach and service quality.

"I am very happy to seal this strong strategic partnership with Kozo Keikaku Engineering", says Ulrich Mangold, Managing Director of PeakAvenue. "My personal history is closely linked to Japan, and I am therefore all the more pleased about our common future path. Side by side with KKE, we will successfully support Japanese customers in becoming quality champions."

Innovating for a Wise Future

KKE is renowned for its professional design and engineering services, offering knowledge and solutions based on scientific evidence. Their expertise spans safety and security, information transmission, and helping manufacturers integrate mono-zukuri, the japanese philosophy for high quality in production or manufacturing, with the digital thread. This partnership aligns with PeakAvenue's commitment to innovation and providing comprehensive services to Japanese headquartered customers.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone at PeakAvenue, a company that shares our commitment to empowering customers with data-driven quality management systems. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in our shared vision for the future. PeakAvenue’s exceptional technical expertise is a source of great inspiration for our personnel. By combining our strengths, we can establish a formidable partnership that will pave the way for continued innovation and growth into the future. We look forward to working closely with PeakAvenue to deliver value to our customers and redefine the future of data-driven quality management.” stated Tamon Watanabe, Representative Executive Officer and President of KKE.

PeakAvenue is excited to welcome KKE as a partner, confident that this collaboration will bring substantial benefits to our clients and help us achieve new heights in quality and service excellence.

About PeakAvenue

PeakAvenue is a leading provider of quality management and engineering software solutions, dedicated to supporting businesses worldwide in achieving their quality and performance goals. Across various verticals, including Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Med Tech, PeakAvenue proudly counts market leaders among its customers.

About Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE)

KKE is a consulting firm that challenges to solve various problems in society by utilizing engineering knowledge. Since its establishment as a structural design firm in 1956, KKE has expanded its business in diverse field such as construction, disaster prevention, telecommunication, manufacturing, and decision-making support as a Professional Design & Engineering Firm that acts as a bridge between the academic and business worlds. KKE strives to solve increasingly complex social issues by providing Engineering Consulting and Product Service based on the engineering knowledge.

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