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PeakAvenue expands FMEA Cloud

The e1ns Cloud from PeakAvenue now offers extended functionality for meeting global FMEA standards. With the new add-ons, which have been enhanced to include Functional Safety, FMEDA and Special Characteristics, companies can now manage failures and malfunctions even more comprehensively and safely.

These enhancements enable users to identify product and process characteristics in the design and process FMEA and to document them seamlessly in accordance with the VDA process description.

Prevent known errors, detect unknown errors at an early stage

The e1ns FMEA Cloud packages guarantee companies transparent development processes, a shared understanding of the system and networked collaboration - the basis for economical, fast and successful product development from the idea to the final product.

The advantages of the e1ns Cloud at a glance:

  • No installation: Immediate access without complicated installation processes.
  • Highest security standards: Your data is securely protected at all times.
  • Cost control: Transparent and predictable costs.
  • Easy access: Anywhere, anytime thanks to cloud technology.
  • Always up to date: The most up-to-date functions and standards are always available.

As the e1ns Cloud is completely web-based, all participants can access it easily via internet connection. This completely eliminates the need for expensive hardware or software purchases. In addition, the subscription can be easily extended or upgraded to another edition with additional functions, allowing the e1ns Cloud to grow with your company. This enables flexible adaptation to individual requirements and budgets without interrupting your business processes.

With the e1ns cloud packages from PeakAvenue, companies meet FMEA standards and set new standards in product and process development.

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