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New AIAG control plan requirements

The new AIAG Control Plan Manual, published in March 2024, requires additional data and information for the Control Plan. PeakAvenue integrates these requirements into the e1ns Control Plan (version 4.5) and Quality Center (version 11). With the next versions, users will be able to update their Control Plan.

The following changes are planned for e1ns:

  • Master data: The part number receives information on the "Change level"
  • New status information can be selected: Production/Safe-Launch, Pre-Launch/Safe-Launch
  • A new column has been added to the Control Plan form. The person responsible can also be named for the reaction plan - Owner/Responsible.
  • The header data of the control plan, process flow chart and inspection plan receive the required new master data.

The following changes are planned for Quality Center:

  • New phase "Safe Launch" in the header data (FMEA/IP/CP) and the phase selection in the prevention, detection and reaction plan measures and renaming of the existing phase "Pre Production" to "Pre Launch" and "Series" to "Production" in the application.

  • New selection field "Execution responsible" at the (reaction plan) measure.
    Extension of the control plan with a table containing information from the test equipment management regarding the inspection cycles of the test equipment involved.

  • Extension of the user-defined attributes and their visualisation in the control plan report for mapping the "Pass Through Characteristics" and other identification information.

  • Support for interlinked control plans to fulfil the requirements under "1.6 Interdependent Processes and/or Control Plans". In future, the new field can be used to describe the content-related separation of the manufacturing process of an entire product into several FMEA/IP/CP documents/control plans in a structured manner. The information is then used in the control plan and flow chart printouts to display the other control plans linked to the control plan.

  • A new standard report "CONTROL PLAN SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS" is created.

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