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Integration of Boundary / Block Diagrams to the DFMEA

A famous quote from Aristotle “The soul cannot think without a picture” makes us realize that we need to visualize our thoughts enabling perception. The Boundary/block diagram is a tool that help us depict the DFMEA by visualizing the system of a product. It also allow us to consider the interfaces with adjacent systems.

In this free webinar, Bianca Wekerle, FMEA Expert Ltd and Jose Avalos, Consultant at PeakAvenue, will take you through the method and application of the Block/Boundary diagram enabling it to integrate to the DFMEA.

Does the date not suit you? Register anyway and we will share the recording with you after the webinar.

This webinar is part of the Quality and Engineering Circle. The event will run over the entire year 2024 and includes free, cross-industry webinars relating to the product life cycle.

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