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Digital transformation of your quality processes

This webinar was broadcasted live on May 16, 2024. Did you miss it? Then register now to watch the recording.

Increasing requirements and complexity, ever shorter life cycles of your products require an end-to-end digital transformation of your quality management. Such digital transformation is not possible without a quality management software (CAQ).

Learn in our free webinar with numerous practical examples

  • how you can implement your individual PDCA cycle
  • why the networking of CAQ modules is essential for the digitalization of your quality management
  • how to integrate your suppliers into your digitalized quality management system
  • how the PeakAvenue solutions support you in networking your quality processes into a continuous control loop
  • how you can flexibly set up and expand the PeakAvenue system according to your needs.


Speaker: Jörg Schneider, Sales, PeakAvenue

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