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Webinar recording

Consistency of DFMEA, PFMEA, Control Plan, PFC & Special Characteristics

This webinar was broadcasted live on March 11, 2024. Did you miss it? Then register now to watch the recording.

A characteristics walk through the e1ns landscape.

Design FMEA, Special Characteristics, Process Flow Chart, Process FMEA, Control Plan, ... all these elements want to be created and maintained within the product and process development. And all these documents have common elements.

In this free Webinar, Andreas Wilhelm, Consultant at PeakAvenue, will follow the FMEA lifecycle of a product characteristic to explain the methodological approach and show you how it is possible to use these commonalities to create all relevant documents redundancy-free.

This webinar was part of the Quality and Engineering Circle. The event will run over the entire year 2024 and includes free, cross-industry webinars relating to the product life cycle.

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