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How to Achieve Decisive Added Value By Implementing CAQ Software for Your Quality Management

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Quality means competitiveness and customer satisfaction. To be able to manufacture qualitative products, a comprehensive quality management system is required that defines and coordinates all organizational measures to improve quality and processes. This is exactly where CAQ systems come in and support you in the quality assurance of your business processes. A CAQ software analyzes, documents, monitors and controls work processes in
order to avoid errors in the long term and to gain information for potential improvements and to use this information for future projects.

Usually a CAQ system is built up by individual modules that support various quality processes, such as initial sampling or complaint handling. If these modules are consistently networked with each other, a closed control loop is formed in which knowledge is generated and actively used for process optimization.

In this article you will learn how to find the CAQ software that suits your needs, what benefits it has for your quality management, and how to successfully implement it in your company.

Find the Right CAQ Software For Your Needs

CAQ software is only helpful and useful for your quality management if it is tailored to the needs of your company. It must fulfill certain criteria which you should define in advance. After all, mistakes can easily occur in the selection of CAQ software which could ultimately cause your projects to fail. Therefore, compare different systems and find the software that fulfills your needs and can really support you in quality assurance in the long run.

The Requirements Specification as a First Step

The installation of a CAQ software alone is not enough to work efficiently with it. Before doing so, it is highly recommended to work out a so-called requirement specification for your CAQ project, in which you summarize all product requirements, wishes, rules, and demands. These form your requirements for the software, which will help you decide which system is best suited for your needs. However, in order to create the requirement specification correctly, certain guiding questions must be observed - from the initial situation to functional requirements to quality requirements. If you orientate yourself on these questions, you will create the perfect basis for your appropriate CAQ software.

Support During the Software Introduction Through the Requirements Specification

Successful communication with the CAQ provider is also essential for a smooth project flow. In addition to the requirement specifications you create, which define your demands, the requirements specification for your CAQ project is of great importance. The requirements specification serves your software provider to "respond" to the previously defined requirements in the specifications and to determine the concrete implementation. Topics which should not be missing in a good requirements specification are, for example, the different project phases, the system environment of your CAQ software, or the acceptance criteria. In this way it is documented how the software will ultimately look like and how it will help you in quality management.

Software Rollout - the CAQ Software Introduction Into Your Business Practice

After you have decided on a suitable CAQ software with the help of the requirement and functional specifications and this has been integrated, the software introduction in your company is now ready. In order for the CAQ software rollout to succeed, there are a few points of reference which should be taken into account, such as the analysis of employee training needs or the clarification of responsibilities. If you keep these points in mind, nothing stands in the way of a smooth software rollout.

CAQ-Software in Product Development

This is where the appropriate CAQ software shows its strengths. Ideally, no mistakes should occur during the product development process in order to prevent a failed market entry. In order to ensure solid quality assurance, an efficient CAQ software that supports you in the various phases of product development is helpful. For example, a CAQ software can be used in advance quality planning (APQP) or failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), but it also ensures quality in the production phase. A CAQ software therefore offers a suitable module for every step in the product creation process to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. Which modules you need or in which areas a CAQ software can be useful for you is company and customer specific.


The right CAQ software is a great support for your quality management because it is versatile and can be adapted to the needs of various industries and processes. Nevertheless, the introduction of the software involves a lot of effort and preparation and should therefore be planned in a well-structured manner. It is very important that, on the one hand, the management is fully behind the software and that the goals are clearly defined and, on the other hand, that all employees are included and trained accordingly. In addition, you should look for a professional partner who will assist you in selecting and implementing the appropriate CAQ software.

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