A Call to the Team

The FMEA moderation cards

Not only the participants of our trainings benefit from the moderation cards. This guide is intended for all FMEA team members.


  • Based on the AIAG & VDA FMEA Manual 2019 Edition 1
  • Incl. evaluation catalog
  • Illustrates the importance of an FMEA session in a compact way
  • Guides you through the failure analysis in 7 steps
  • Moderation cards for the process and design FMEA as well as for the FMEA-MSR
Digital guide for FMEA moderation

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Start every FMEA meeting well prepared, whether as a participant or moderator, and get your free moderation card.

The compact guides for FMEA team members incl. evaluation catalog. For DFMEA, PFMEA and FMEA-MSR!

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