The Straight Path Along The Digital Thread

Revolutionize your engineering and manufacturing processes! The communication platform of PeakAvenue enables companies and their different disciplines to communicate proactively and effectively with all stakeholders. Thus, PeakAvenue enables you to get a unified and end-to-end view of their product and process data in real time - throughout the entire product development and supply chain process. Benefit from holistic transparency at the exact points in your business where you need Lessons Learned to move forward.

This is the Digital Thread - your end-to-end engineering and quality management system in the cloud. And your digital process support along the entire product life cycle.

The Straight Path Along the Digital Thread
The Straight Path Along the Digital Thread

Digital Thread

End-to-end Process Transparency for Manufacturing Companies

Digital Threads create easy universal access to data across the product life cycle. They form a closed loop between the digital and physical worlds and change the way companies design, manufacture and service products.

Improved Quality

By identifying problems early in the product development process and thus enabling them to be rectified, the Digital Thread helps companies to improve product quality. Access to up-to-date data equips companies to make informed decisions that help avoid the occurrence of quality problems.

Reduced Costs

By streamlining the product development process, in part by eliminating redundant manual data entry, you reduce (time) resources required to bring a product to the market.

Increased Innovation

Increase your innovation power as a company by quickly incorporating customer and supplier feedback into your designs. With a unified view of product data, you can easily identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes faster.

Improved Compliance

Improve compliance by developing a clear product data audit plan along the Digital Thread. In doing so, you as an organization can demonstrate regulatory adherence and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Visibility & Collaboration

Improved visibility and traceability of product data throughout the product development process: All project stakeholders (internal/external) have access to the same data, which reduces failures and improves collaboration.

Faster Time to Market

Eliminate manual data transfers between different systems - streamline your product development process as a company and bring innovations and products to market faster in the future.


The Best of Both Worlds

Following the motto "The Straight Path Along The Digital Thread", we focus on an end-to-end, web-based engineering and quality management system across the entire product life cycle - in other words: The Best of Both Worlds. PLATO and iqs already offer mature solutions to ensure transparency throughout the entire development process, all the way to manufacturing and after-sales. Currently, FMEA is the common interface between the PLATO e1ns engineering platform and the CAQ software from iqs.

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Your path towards a professional
engineering and quality process
along the Digital Thread

Would you like to experience the possibilities for digitization along your product development process and product life cycle? Talk to our experts in person and they'll show you digital ways to design end-to-end processes along your engineering and quality management.