Do you spend your free time working with computers and all the associated technology? In your future job, do you want to use a PC and special programs for communication between employees and customers? Would you actually like to be the person who develops these programs yourself? Then training as an IT specialist for application development at PeakAvenue is exactly the right thing for you!

Together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we train IT specialists in the field of application development every year. Apply now in time for the start of training in the fall!


Why PeakAvenue?

With us, you will receive exciting, practice-oriented, and varied training in an innovative environment. You will not only work theoretically but will also be given your own tasks and become a full member of the team. Here you will find a selection of the benefits we offer:


Mentoring programs

High chances of permanent employment

30 days vacation

Company health insurance

Team, company and trainee events

Visiting the other locations

Application process

5 steps to your training at PeakAvenue:

Step 1: Application

We'll give you plenty of computing power, but we need a few things from you beforehand. Apply for one of our advertised apprenticeships using our online application form or by email ( Your application documents should include the following: cover letter, CV, certificates (final or last interim certificate), and proof of internship (if available).

Step 2: Invitation to interview

You have convinced us with your application documents, so we would like to get to know you better and gain an overview of your skills and qualifications. In this interview, you will also get to know your trainer.

Step 3: Trial day / internship

During a trial day/internship, you will get a first look behind the scenes. You can get a taste of your future apprenticeship and get to know your future colleagues. In a final joint meeting, we will give each other feedback and agree on the next steps.

Step 4: Signing the training contract

You have convinced us. We will send you the training contract by post. Your trainer will be happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the application process.

Step 5: Welcome to PeakAvenue

Your professional future begins now. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

IT specialist - application development

A day in your professional life

Group of young people looking at a screen

One of your customers contacts you or your manager: They need software to simplify certain processes in their quality assurance department. You clarify the exact requirements and then get to work.

This means: You coordinate with your team on the content and technical implementation, determine the programming effort and then create an offer. If the customer agrees, they give you the order and you develop a new application or program extension based on their specifications and wishes.

In the future, thanks to the software you have developed, they will be able to better control their quality assurance processes and work more efficiently.

Engineering und Quality

... what?

We, PeakAvenue GmbH, develop and sell engineering and quality management software and support companies, for example in the automotive industry, in meeting their quality standards. As an IT specialist in the application development department, you have an extremely important role: you develop engineering and quality management solutions for and with the customer.


Man working on computer

Imagine if all the people you depend on only worked correctly 99% of the time instead of 100%. Because of the missing 1%, you would have no drinking water for 4 days a year and no electricity for 15 minutes a day - and therefore no functioning smartphone. Still bearable, you think? Okay, how about this: If we had to expect that every 100th tire would burst at 180 km/h or every 100th plane would crash, that would be pretty worrying, right? And this is exactly where quality management comes into play: To prevent defects, companies define measures for planning and implementing quality assurance. Because quality means not only competitiveness but also customer satisfaction and safety.*

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Stuttgart

Common questions & answers

Do you have general questions about the application process at PeakAvenue? You can find answers here!

Are the job offers still current?

We update our job vacancies regularly. All of the vacancies you find on our careers page are still available.

Can I apply on my own initiative?

Can't find anything suitable for you in the job offers? We would also be happy to receive your unsolicited application to:

What is the application process?

After we receive your application via our online application form or by email, you will receive a response from us promptly or an appointment for a personal interview.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the application process?

Your personal contact is listed in the respective job advertisement or training position offer. You are welcome to get in touch with him/her.

How can I apply?

All advertised vacancies and training positions have an online application form. You can upload your documents here and send them to us. Alternatively, you can also send them by email to The preferred file format is PDF.

What do complete application documents contain?

To get a comprehensive picture of you, we look forward to receiving:

  • Cover letter explaining what makes you right for the role
  • CV in tabular form, detailing your training and professional career
  • Certificates/employment references. The most recent relevant certificates are perfectly sufficient.
How do I know if my application documents were received?

Once we have received your application, you will promptly receive a confirmation of receipt with information on how to proceed.

Is there a dress code for the interview?

There is no dress code at PeakAvenue. For the interview, casual (with a shirt or blouse and jeans) is appropriate and comfortable.

Can I do a student internship at PeakAvenue?

You are welcome to gain initial experience in one of our apprenticeships as part of a student internship. Send us your application to: