Implementation of a Quality System
3 years / 2016 - 2019


75 percent of the components are produced at Fiedler CNC Fertigungstechnik e.K. for companies in the aerospace. In order to be able to maintain the quality requirements parallel to the constant company growth and still produce cost-effectively, the company decided in 2016 to support its inspection and quality process with a specialized CAQ software.

Project implementation

The implementation of the software took place step by step. In 2017, the first machine for the complete quality process was equipped with the software from PeakAvenue. Only when the processes on the first machine were running stably, others followed. Thus, the team working with the new software also grew gradually. The software training for the first key user took place in a personal course lasting several days directly at PeakAvenue. All other employees were trained by the key user or "live" by an PeakAvenue trainer as part of online training.


The CAQ system has already proven itself in many places. Above all, the time saved is very noticeable: For example, the technical drawing is only read in and stamped once at the beginning, after which all target values can be transferred to the initial sample inspection report. At the same time, when the drawing is read in, the values are also transferred to the inspection plan. This means that the initial sample inspection report and the inspection plan are always based on identical values. The PeakAvenue software has also optimized the inspector's workplace, the inspection station, according to his tasks. For example, by means of a pre-selection, each inspector only sees the inspection orders that are relevant to him. Working with the CAQ system saves a lot of manual work and during audits all quality-relevant information is quickly retrievable and graphically well prepared.

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