Global rollout of a CAQ system
3 years / 2016 - 2019


In 2016, the globally active Prettl SWH GmbH, headquartered in Pfullingen, Germany, decided to standardize and centralize quality management at all locations of its "SWH" business unit with the help of a uniform CAQ system.


Despite overlapping content, the sites operated relatively autonomously and independently of each other before the PeakAvenue CAQ system was introduced. There was little communication, which meant that data and information were often neither up-to-date nor consistent. Document handling did not correspond to the technical possibilities.

Project implementation

In order to successfully implement the software at all sites, Prettl appointed a local employee as "Global Quality Center Key User". He is the only one who communicates directly with PeakAvenue and Prettl SWH's global quality management. Before the actual rollout of the CAQ software at a site, a training video prepares the employees concerned for the implementation. It contains clear "step by step" instructions that are the same for every location ("one methology to all locations") and are constantly being developed further.


The Quality Center modules FMEA, Inspection and Control Plan (PP/CP), Inspection Data Acquisition (PDE), Test Equipment Management (PMV), Initial Sample Inspection Report (EMPB) and Measures Management (MM) are now in use at six locations. The digitization and consistency of the system has reduced paperwork by up to 100 percent. Drawings no longer need to be searched for and printed out at goods receipt, and stamping is now automatic, with time savings of up to 50 percent. A main FMEA exists, which only needs to be adapted by the sites. This leads to a further cost reduction of up to 40 percent. During the rollout to date, cultural specifics were deliberately taken into account. The advantages of the software convinced the employees and quickly led to a high level of acceptance. The uniform system has created a high degree of transparency. The sites can now make better and faster decisions themselves thanks to the up-to-date and consistent data basis. Significant cost reductions and efficiency increases are already evident at all sites.

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